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Three Styles of Save the Date Magnets

Two great ways to save.

Are you looking for the best selection of save the date magnets? A save the date magnet is an ideal way for you to give a fun and useful reminder to your family and friends. And you can save up to 45% on your little reminders.

Both the flexi and button magnets are eligible for savings of up to 45%. Unfortunately stone magnets do not fall into the either of these discount categories. Still if you’re interested in giving a memorable reminder there is nothing better than the stone options. Here are the discounts you may use on your save the date magnets.

Save the Date Flexi Magnets

Would you like to save 17 to 36% on your save the date magnets? Then you may want to choose the felxi magnet, this quality option features full color frontal print with a large surface.

10 magnets.Save 17%
20 magnets.Save 17%
50 magnets.Save 29%
100 magnets.Save 36%
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Save the Date Button Magnets

There are two types of button magnets, the round and rectangle variants. Both offer different options for you to style them the way you want. Save 25 to 45% on your order of button save the date magnets.

10 magnets.Save 25%
20 magnets.Save 25%
50 magnets.Save 35%
100 magnets.Save 45%
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Stone Save the Date Magnets

For those of you who would like to make a strong impression you’ll love these stone save the date magnets. This style of magnet gives you outstanding quality and long

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Top 10 Save the Date Magnets

Here are the most popular save the date magnets on the site. You may view the complete listing of magnets here.

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