Save the Date Magnets — Up to 45% Off

Choose a little reminder that will stick with your guests. Choose save the date Magnets!

Find the perfect magnet for your save the date reminder. We offer several thousand unique save the date magnets that allow you to create beautiful custom reminders for your guests.

New Save the Date Magnets

Here are the newest additions to the site. These save the date magnets offer all of the features you have come to expect with the same great discounts. Save up to 45% on your magnets when you order the button option. Enjoy up to 36% savings when you choose the flexi magnet option.

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New Save the Date Stone Magnets

One of the most popular options you’ll find on the site are the stone magnets. Here are the most popular stone save the date magnets for you to choose from.

Choose from more than 100 stone save the date magnets that are sure to make an impression.

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New Save the Date Felxi Magnets

Would you like an affordable option that is bound to wow your guests? Then send them one of these save the date felxi magnets to keep your date firmly in mind.

If you enjoyed these flexi save the date magnets you may want to view the complete set, there are more than 4,800 fun options to choose from.

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Incredibly easy to customize designs with an almost unlimited number of ways to customize them.

New Save the Date Button Magnets

If you are looking for a traditional and fun save the date magnet, these button variants are just the thing. They come in both round and rectangular options which feature full color borderless printing for a durable finish. Enjoy savings of up to 45% when you place an order for button save the date magnets.

Would you like to view the complete collection of save the date button magnets? Use the link below to shop through all 4,800 results.

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We have a huge collection of affordable save the date magnets that are perfect for just about any type of wedding. This includes the modern as well as vintage and Victorian styles. But we also also offer a wide range of styles that fit the rustic and retro celebrations. No matter how creative your wedding is there is a good chance that you will find the fitting save the date magnets here. Here are some of the most popular categories on the site. But there are many categories for you to explore. Here are a few of the most frequently view categories.

Save on Your Save the Date

Unlike paper print save the date cards, magnets can be expensive. That’s why you are eligible for savings of up to 45%. This table shows you how much you can save when you order one of these fantastic options.

Save the Date Flexi Magnets
10 magnets.Save 17%
20 magnets.Save 17%
50 magnets.Save 29%
100 magnets.Save 36%
Save the Date Button Magnets
10 magnets.Save 25%
20 magnets.Save 25%
50 magnets.Save 35%
100 magnets.Save 45%

Modern Save the Date Magnets

Are you still looking for the right save the date magnet? Then try this assortment of magnets.